Mintflow Games aims for the sweet tooth in Candy Woods on Facebook

Image via Mintflow Games

Towers of Mystoria developer Mintflow Games has quietly released a new game on Facebook, aimed specifically at a female audience: Candy Woods. The game claims to be “more than just a farming game,” giving players a chance to take over a magical plot of land in the middle of a forest. Players grow crops and raise animals, turning their raw materials into sweets that can be sold in the overall town of Candy Woods.

Candy Woods starts as a typical farming game, asking players to grow crops which can be turned into other things via an in-game crafting system. Almonds, for instance, can be grown on farm plots, and then turned into Almond Milk by giving them to a cow. For every raw product players grow, they earn double the amount in return, so players will constantly have an inventory of seeds and products, so long as they don’t spend their last few materials completing quests (like those that simply ask for raw materials in bulk).

If players do happen to spend their last ingredients, they can either purchase additional units with currency or visit friends in the hopes of claiming some there. These items aren’t free, and instead cost coins to purchase, but that’s better than never having another Almond to play around with, for instance.

Image via Mintflow Games

While an energy system isn’t included with Candy Woods, players are limited in other ways, like growth timers. Players are also limited to a small number of individual farm plots (the limit increases as they make progress), and must clear their land of debris, trees and the like before building larger structures.

The setting of Candy Woods is very magical, with fairy characters, flying animals and magical wands and wishes serving as the game’s premium currency. This currency can be used to speed up the growth of crops or production of other materials, but many tasks can be instantly completed for free once they fall under a small enough time remaining.

Candy Woods is now available to play for free on Facebook. The game has over 10,000 monthly active players. Check back soon to track the game’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.