American Millennials Increasingly Cruise Twitter For News

Where do you go for news? For break news, you likely check Twitter – who doesn’t? (Non Twitterers, yes, we know.)

But where do you go on a daily basis to see what’s what? Google News? Yahoo? A crinkly, oversized, ‘gonna give you a paper cut’ newspaper?

Yep, folks are staining their fingers on newspapers’ pages less and less – and particularly those under 30.

Poynter tells us that according to a study done recently by the Pew Research Center for the People & The Press, “for American adults under 30, social media has far surpassed newspapers and has equaled TV as a primary source of daily news.”

The study found 33 percent of those young adults got news from social networks the day before, while 34 percent watched TV news and just 13 percent read print or digital newspaper content.

The study looked at social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+) together and examined Twitter separately as it deems it an “interest network” where “follower relationships are based on shared interests, whereas the other networks tend to organize around personal relationships.” And, not surprisingly:

‘More than a third (36%) of those with Twitter accounts use them to follow news organizations or journalists,’ the study says. ‘On social networking sites, 19% of users say they got information there from news organizations or journalists.’

Does this study sound about right to you? Let us know in the comments.

(Woman reading newspaper image from Shutterstock)