Millennial U.S. Men Prize Themselves On Digital Proficiency, Including Social Media [STUDY]

Much has been said and written (typed?) about millennials’ affinity for technology, specifically social media, but now there’s data that splices that demographic by gender.

Millennial males in the U.S. currently earn more on average and are happier with their careers than their female counterparts, prize digital knowhow and in conjunction define themselves as digitally proficient, reports eMarketer.

According to the new eMarketer report, “Taking the Measure of Millennial Men: As Sort-of-Grownups, as Digital Users, as Consumers,” young American men are “gluttons for entertainment,” mostly in digital form.

They also deploy convenient digital technologies as shoppers, and 78.8% use social networks like Twitter and Facebook. That number is projected to rise to 86.4% by 2017:

Moreover, eMarketer estimates that by the end of this year, seven in 10 U.S. men ages 18-34 will be smartphone users.

That’s key data for marketers planning campaigns on Twitter, especially thanks to Twitter Promoted Products’ gender targeting capability.

(Source: eMarketer. Tablet image via Shutterstock.)