Miley Cyrus and the PR Power of a Haircut

The problem with child celebrities is that they grow up. The public hates to see the famous children of their respective generations mature because as they age, they remind us that we too grow old—and this means eventually we will die. Thanks a lot, Screech. Is there a “Wonder Years” fan alive who would want to buy adult Fred Savage a beer and discuss the security situation in Egypt? Probably not. “Whatever happened to Wendy?” they’d ask. And now Hannah Montana has left us. We know because of her hair.

Hair makes a public statement. Hair is one of the most obvious ways in which people share their “personalities” with the outside world. Hair defines generations and stages in individual lives. Hair is powerful PR, and it helps us stand out–just ask Dee Snider, Mitt Romney or the Queen of England. Now, former tween queen Miley Cyrus has tweeted her radical new hairstyle to the public, accomplishing many levels of communication in the process. Most notably, she is informing the public that she is moving on to another phase in life and her career. She has to. She’s 19, and she can no longer pass for the charming and innocent Disney puppet who made millions for her extended family and quite a few entertainment bigwigs. Every human being, celebrity or not, needs to move forward.

Good for her.