Alyssa Milano Taking Over The NHL Twitter Stream Tonight

Do you love hockey? Do you love Alyssa Milano?

Then you’ll LOVE following tonight’s game via the National Hockey League’s Twitter feed, because it will be combining your two loves in one place.

Nonstop tweeter and hockey fanatic, Alyssa Milano, will be taking over the NHL’s Twitter stream tonight as she calls out the shots during the Game 3 tonight’s final between the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes.

And Alyssa is a big LA Kings fan according the the @LAKings Twitter stream, which is the ‘most trash-talkingest and not apologizing for it’ stream in the NHL – as we told you  last month.

Follow the game’s action using the#PhxLAK hashtag or submit questions to Alyssa during the game using the #AskAlyssa hashtag. Although the game doesn’t start until 6 p.m. PT, fans are already querying the star . . . about her time on the popular series Charmed:

Among other non-hockey-related questions:

The #AskAlyssa chat promises to offer more questions from true blue fans, of course, but it’s still early and there ARE quite a few hockey related tweets being sent her way as well.

Worried the Who’s The Boss hottie won’t answer you? Don’t be. As this observant follower tweeted:

Will you be following the game and talking trash on Twitter tonight?

(Alyssa Milano photo from Shutterstock)

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