Mighty Adventure: Pixel Trap’s debut title launches on iOS

Mighty Adventure Splash-1

Bucharest-based mobile game developer Pixel Trap was formed in September 2013 by industry veterans from companies including EA, Gameloft and Ubisoft. Now, the company has released its first game on iOS devices: Might Adventure. The game is described as a cross between a platformer and an “action adventure runner,” and sees users control colorful creatures in a quest to save their village elder from the “Big Boss.”

In each of the game’s 40 levels (across four hand-drawn worlds), players jump over gaps while collecting bubbles. Characters run automatically, so the main focus is on jumping at the right time to collect those bubbles, which are arranged in specific patterns. Gamers earn up to three stars on each level, depending on the number of bubbles they collect, and these stars are then used to unlock in-game artwork back at the main menu.

During each level, gamers can switch between three main characters in real time. One can double jump over long distances, while another jumps and then stomps onto the ground, bouncing off of obstacles in the environment. Finally, the third character jumps and dashes ahead in a straight line, ignoring gravity. Players will need to use all three characters in each stage as they approach matching obstacles and bubble patterns, in order to have the greatest chance of earning three stars at the end.

“With such a wealth of talent and enthusiasm on the team, we’re confident we have a fantastically fun and very playable title on our hands,” commented Andrei Radulescu, Producer of Mighty Adventure. “Here’s to our first title!”

Mighty Adventure offers an in-game achievements system and Game Center / leaderboard support. It’s available to download for $2.99 on iOS.