Microsoft Targets Students With

Under the cover of the Facebook IPO, Microsoft and its FUSE labs launched a social network/research project called that will focus on sharing among the youths.

CNET highlights the “video parties” feature, which gives users the ability to compile and search for clips of interest.

And your new social media word of the day is “bookmarklet”: “a new and easy way of sharing content on while navigating the Web. Whenever you visit a page on the web that you would like to share on, simply click the ‘Share on’ button in your bookmarks bar and start building your post on”

Taking a slightly different approach from Google+, the network isn’t meant to be in direct competition with Facebook, but rather an add-on search, explore, and share tool for younger users.

“Through the combination of features that are popular on other social networking sites — such as Pinterest’s Boards feature — and the attempt to encourage students to use it, it may be that Microsoft is taking a long-term approach to break into the social networking sphere — with students as its first port of call,” writes ZDNet.

Anyone can join, but Microsoft is partnering with a few schools including New York University and the University of Washington.