Michelle Obama Sends Her Very First Tweet (But Doesn’t Have An Account Of Her Own Yet)

Joining her husband on Twitter, Michelle Obama has started to tweet this week amid a warm welcome from the White House. However, the First Lady used a proxy account, rather than creating one of her own, to interact with the Twitter-sphere.

The White House made a pretty big deal of Mrs. Obama sending her first tweet, but they neglected to do one thing: set her up with her own account.

Michelle sent a tweet from the @JoiningForces Twitter account earlier this week. She wrote a message of support for military families:

Military families serve our nation too. Let’s all show our appreciation by #JoiningForces with them. Get involved: http://t.co/YryjAhl5 –mo

The tweet, signed “mo”, shows an impressive use of hashtags for someone so new to Twitter, so kudos to the First Lady!

Along with this tweet, the White House released a video showing Mrs. Obama using he Mac to actually send the tweet. The Twitter newbie comments, “So this is how you tweet, huh?”, and after typing she asks “…so now I just press tweet?”, a little unsure if that’s all there is to the process (it is).

It’s great that Michelle is familiarizing herself with Twitter, but I think it’s time she sign up with her own account. She’d be following in the recent footsteps of fellow wife-of-powerful-leader-and-equally-powerful-woman Melinda Gates, who signed up just a few weeks ago.

After all, President Obama is among the top 5 Twitter users in terms of number of followers, with over 10 million to his name. I’m sure he could give her a little recommendation and she’d quickly see followers pour in by the thousands. And judging by her use of hashtags and links in her very first tweet, she’d be a natural.

(Hat tip: All Things D)

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