MetroPCS Throws In Free Music For Android Users

Image courtesy of Rhapsody

The mobile operator market is very challenging for regional providers as they need to provide incentives to entice people to chose them over one of the national providers. Most regional mobile operators provide lower cost, truly unlimited plans, and push non-contract pay as you go plans. Today MetroPCS announced a new incentive, free access to streaming music from Rhapsody.

MetroPCS’ Rhapsody music service is available to their customers using Android phones and who subscribe to their $60 plans. Users of MetroPCS’ $60 3G plan can pick between Rhapsody or Blackberry, while the $60 4G customers pick between Rhapsody or MetroPCS’ video streaming service called MetroSTUDIO.

Rhapsody has a 12 million song music catalog, which you normally pay $10 per month to access, and you can download or stream the music. You can get free Rhapsody apps for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones. I imagine the Rhapsody app will come pre-installed on MetroPCS’ Android phones, though it can also be installed from the Android Market.