.@Mention Pro Tip: How To Let Everyone See What You’ve Replied

You’re witty, well-versed in theoretical physics or some sort of creative wunderkind and your Twitter followers have no idea.

How can this be? Well, you’re not the showy type and this side of you only comes out when you’re @replying to certain folks – and as we all know, a tweet that starts with an @mention is only seen by you, the recipient and folks following both of you.

If only there was a quick and simple way to share those tweets with all of your followers. There is.

Now don’t abuse this function or you’ll break Twitter, but if you want ALL of your followers to see a tweet or two of yours that starts with an @reply or @mention, all you need to do is add a period right before the @ symbol, like this:

Pretty snazzy, hmm? So now the next time you have something fantastic to say, you can shout it out!

Have you used the “.@” function or have you seen others use it? Do you find it helpful or annoying?

(Smiling image from Shutterstock)