Meet Twitter’s Newest 14 Employees, All Formerly Of TweetDeck

They have between 174 and 9986 followers, they’ve been developing for Twitter’s API for years, and they’re Twitter’s 14 newest employees. Meet the new faces of Twitter, Inc., all formerly of TweetDeck.

Iain Dodsworth (@iaindodsworth) is the big name to come along with Twitter’s acquisition this week of popular Twitter dashboard TweetDeck. He’s the founder of TweetDeck, and he boasts nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter.

The Financial Times did an interview with Dodsworth on Thursday. Dodsworth has said that he will be staying on board as product manager for TweetDeck, and he’s happy that he and his team will be staying in London to head up Twitter’s office in the UK.

Dodsworth brings along a whole team who will also be staying on board with Twitter, continuing to work on TweetDeck – at least for the time being.

Richard Barley (@richardbarley), for instance, head of TweetDeck’s user support, has a strong Twitter presence with just under 6,500 followers, and Tom Woolway (@tomwoolway), while not as popular with just under 1,000 followers, is quite the active tweeter.

Twitter has now exceeded the 500 employee mark they were looming towards just before this acquisition, and they now have 505 employees on their payroll (although no word on why the math [499 + 14 = 513] doesn’t add up).

If you’re curious about the rest of the TweetDeck team now joining up with Twitter, you can check out a full list of their profiles here.