The Median Twitter User Has 1 Follower [STATS]

Ever feel insecure about the number of Twitter followers you have?
Research from Jon Bruner, a data journalist at O’Reilly Radar, recently found that the median Twitter account has only one follower, reports The Atlantic.
The catch is that a massive number of Twitter accounts have been created and left unused – so when you only include accounts that have tweeted in the past 30 days, the median user has 61 followers.
In contrast to what much Twitter research and coverage focuses on – Katy Perry’s 48 million followers! 1.2 million tweets in less than 12 hours about Beyonce’s album! – Bruner calls Twitter “decidedly smaller-scale – a low murmur with an occasional celebrity shouting on top of it.”

That’s a massively long tail.
Want to see how you stack up? Here’s Bruner’s chart of percentile by Twitter followers:

So if you have 1,000 Twitter followers, you’re in the 96th percentile of active Twitter users.
One of Bruner’s main points is that the most virally popular Twitter accounts belong to people who were famous already – celebrities, musicians, political pundits – or else bot accounts (“just under one in every thousand Twitter accounts has a name that refers to Justin Bieber in some way; an additional one in every thousand refers to Bieber in its account description.”).
How’s that for a Twitter confidence boost?
(Source: The Atlantic. Lonely man image via Shutterstock.)