McSweeney’s Sheds A (Little) Bit of Light on Apple’s App Store Procedures


Apple is so full of secrets, one the more tantalizing of which is: what goes on behind the scenes in the App store? Developers tell eBookNewser they’ve submitted an app to Apple’s queue, and then all they can say is it should be available soon. But when? How? It’s a mystery to everyone but whoever–or whatever–is behind the controls at Apple. eBookNewser asked McSweeney’s senior editor Eli Horowitz to offer a few words about what it was like to get McSweeney’s iPhone app into the store. The truth is, there wasn’t much light to be shed on the situation, but here’s a publisher’s eye view of the process.

As far as what it was like to actually submit the app, Horowitz had this to say: “There’s been no personal interaction with Apple–the system does seem to be a bit opaque–but actually the approval process was quite quick and smooth. Took no more than three weeks, I think. That said, I’d be happy to hang out with Apple, if Apple wants to get some coffee or whatever.” Hear that Mr. Jobs? Coffee!

Horowitz also said he thinks the McSweeney’s app is the kind of thing Apple is looking for. “My vague sense is that our app is roughly in line with Apple’s hopes for the future–it takes advantage of their new platform, it involves well-known writers and artists and filmmakers, it builds an ongoing relationship with the user, it’s got a slightly higher price–all of which seem up Apple’s alley, especially if apps are going to be a lasting medium,” said Horowitz. So there you have it. eBookNewser will be following McSweeney’s in the coming months, as they debut version two of the app this Spring.