How to Maximize the Value of Video For Your Business [Infographic]

Four pillars for getting the most of the integration of video into your business practices.

Video is an excellent teaching tool. But so often those without a video background aren’t able to maximize the benefits of the platform for teaching, and more importantly, marketing. KZO Innovations has identified four pillars that need to be upheld to get the most out of integrating video with your business:

Pillar No. 1: Social Networks

  • 60 percent of users under 30 prefer sharing content on social networks

  • 80 percent of Facebook users prefer to connect to brands on Facebook

  • 74 percent of B2B marketers use Twitter and those businesses generate twice the amount of leads as those who don’t.

Despite this engaged audience top companies spend only 24 percent of their budgets on video and social networks.

Pillar No. 2: Searchability

  • Create a shared knowledge base with easy to find and easy to consume video content

  • Video content needs to be broken down into manageable pieces.

Pillar No. 3: Integration

  • Streamlined information structure increases revenue

  • Save costs with “malleable” content

  • Respond quickly to changes in the industry

Pillar No. 4: Security

  • The average breach in the U.S. cost about $188 per record

  • The average breach size is 28,765 records

  • Securing video resources and keep trade secrets under wraps

  • Ensure customers of the security of sensitive information

For more video implementation tips view the infographic below.

Maximize the Value in Business Video (Infographic)
Presented by KZO Innovations

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