Más Interactive Content for Tu Vida Es Mi Vida Site

Maria Marín, host of radio show Tu Vida Es Mi Vida, will share 31 personal transformation tips on the show’s newly enhanced Web site, which was created by global digital media company Terra USA and will be promoted on-air by Citadel Media en Español.

The new site also includes videos, columns, exclusive interviews, photos, discussion boards, and other interactive elements.

Citadel Media en Español vice president of programming and operations Elisa Torres said:

Our partnership with Terra has created a fantastic online component for Maria’s fans and made her message accessible to an entirely new set of unique users. The convergence of digital and traditional media offers us the opportunity to reach a significantly larger audience, particularly as more and more U.S. Hispanics go online. We’re proud of our association with Terra and value the credibility of their global Latin presence.

Terra USA CEO Fernando Rodríguez added:

Maria Marín boasts an impressive following among the U.S. Hispanic community, and her presence on Terra has certainly become a highlight for many of our users. We are excited to see our partnership with Citadel Media grow.