Marvelous Games, Genera Mobile Launch Touch Racing 2 on iOS

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Marvelous Games and Genera Mobile have today announced the launch of Touch Racing 2 on iPhone and iPad. The game is a sequel to 2010’s Touch Racing Nitro, and sees players climb the ranks of a remote-controlled (R.C.) racing circuit. Touch Racing 2 features both single-player and asynchronous multiplayer gameplay, with a setup Marvelous says combines the best elements of the smartphone racing genre with the best of arcade classics.

In Touch Racing 2, players control their vehicles using touch and drag controls. Gamers tap and hold on the screen to cause their vehicle to drive towards their finger or thumb, and players are encouraged to use both thumbs while playing, alternating between them as they turn their car around corners and other obstacles on each track.

The single-player gameplay sees players climbing three circuit ladders with three different vehicles: speed cars, power boats and off-road vehicles. These races give players cash prizes, which can be used to purchase upgrades for those vehicles. There are 150 performance upgrades available, as well as hundreds of visual customization options.

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Players can change engines, spoilers, chassis and more, all in the name of increasing their car’s basic stats, like speed, acceleration and handling. In terms of visual upgrades, players can purchase sticker decals, neon treatments and new paint schemes for their rides, among other options.

Outside of single-player, gamers can login with Facebook and challenge their friends to asynchronous races. The same goes for random opponents, with each race helping players earn more money to purchase further upgrades for their vehicles.

“Creating Touch Racing 2 has been a great and rewarding experience,” says Gonzalo Santos, lead programmer for the game. “We set out to create a game that we ourselves would enjoy as gamers – something that can be played in bite sized portions but still remains a challenge throughout. With Touch Racing 2 I think we have achieved that goal, and hope players enjoy it as much as we have.”

Touch Racing 2 is available to download for free on iOS devices, with an Android version coming soon. The game is supported via premium currency and in-app purchases.