Martha Stewart to Bloggers: You’re No Expert but Write About Me Anyway?

Martha Stewart: The Diabolical Diva of Design. The Cantankerous Sow of Couture. The Harpy of Haute Catering. And no stranger to a cushy prison cell either.

The woman is a bonafide expert on brand and media. She started off as a spokesmodel but the economy, you know? However, her mother taught her how to cook and sew, dad shared his gardening foibles and grandmother passed along her knowledge of canning and preserving.

And thus, a legend in her own mind was born. Now that Martha Stewart is a somebody, she gets interviewed from time to time (when she’s not starring in her own magazines or six corporate blogs). Take this one for instance from Bloomberg TV.

The hypocrisy begins at 1:40 after the jump

“Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors and writers at Vogue magazine. I mean, there are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done. Bloggers create kind of a ‘popularity’. But they are not the experts and we have to understand that.”

Do you like that? A great lionshare of her mane media conglomerate (see what I did there) is thanks to social media, bloggers of fashion and foodies, and oh yeah, did I mention Captain Duplicity here has six of her own blogs?!

What this shrew has seemed to forget is that these minion bloggers are just like her sans the big break. They have an affinity for food, fashion, decor or say, PR. They love to write. They have a knack for creating an audience. Only no bigwig from NYC has picked them for a syndication deal…yet.

Oddly enough, Martha (better known as “Pot”) accepted an invitation to keynote at BlogHer 2012 (and we’ll call them “kettle”). Here’s an excerpt:

“You also become reporters. You become a journalist. You might find you are a good writer, good communicator. The more you do it, the more people that will tweet you and communicate with you.”

Man, when this ex-con calls people “black,” she means it. Stay classy, Martha. Enjoy the Twitterverse now.