Mark Zuckerberg Voted Greatest Driving Force in Tech Industry has released a list of the top 50 agenda setters in the tech industry for 2007. Mark Zuckerberg has come in front of Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt. There is no doubt, especially in Silicon Valley, that the opening of the Facebook platform has been a catalyst for change in the industry. The 23-year old CEO has been a catalyst for change with the opening of Facebook platform.

Many of those that are not industry insiders may not be witnessing what is really taking place within all these companies. “Social shopping” has suddenly become a buzzword again but this time there are true hopes that social shopping will become a reality. Zuckerberg also forced the largest web giant, Google, to determine how to open up their tools to developers. It is truly a historical moment but it is also forcing many to ask if we are sitting atop a new bubble.

A number of venture capitalists are providing funding for applications that have a questionable future. All of this comes on the heels of a wave of Web 2.0 startups that have yet to turn a profit and are burning through cash. Not to paint a picture of death and destruction but it is only reasonable to question how sustainable this new gold rush is. It appears as though the early adopters were among the few to profit from this rush and there are practically no new applications launching that experience significant growth without significant advertising expenditures.

Regardless, this is still an infant industry and we are witnessing rapid change as companies rush to try to comprehend the market and adapt. All of this is the result of Mark Zuckerberg (and the support of his company) resulting in his placement atop the driving forces in the tech industry.