Mark Zuckerberg To Appear On 60 Minutes This Sunday

This Sunday's "60 Minutes" show on CBS includes Mark Zuckerberg's first television interview since the film The Social Network came out.

Facebook publicists try to get only positive coverage of the company, so it’s got to be strategic that this Sunday’s “60 Minutes” is Mark Zuckerberg’s first television interview since the film The Social Network came out.

The chief executive officer’s appearance on the CBS show is scheduled for this Sunday, December 5, at 7 p.m. We can only speculate when the actual interview took place.

CBS posted a preview video this afternoon that looks like it could be part of the introductory footage. The timing of the preview posting could account for today’s spike in clicks on an AllFacebook story concerning Facebook’s original publicist Brandee Barker.

We can only conjecture how much the outgoing publicist has orchestrated Zuckerberg’s responses to the “60 Minutes” interview by Lesley Stahl. Regardless, CBS’s preview footage looks like this Sunday’s Facebook segment will be fun.

Other than the 47 seconds of preview footage, we have some hints about what we’ll see on Sunday from an email by CBS spokesperson Kevin Tedesco. He said:

Zuckerberg talks about the film, the direction he’s taking his company and becoming one of the most influential CEOs in America.”

Readers, are you going to watch “60 Minutes” this weekend? What do you expect to see, and why do you suppose Facebook’s publicity team chose the CBS show for Zuckerberg’s first television interview after the movie The Social Network came out?