Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Lacy Interview Video

Since the keynote interview between Mark Zuckerberg and Sarah Lacy yesterday, everybody has been talking about what went wrong as well as what went right. I was approached by one blogger yesterday after my post went up claiming that it was a cultural misunderstanding and that my post was unfair. I still stand by much of what I said and by definition I think the interview was not a good one as a result of the mob mentality that ensued following the interview.

Regardless, I’m sure that this will be one of the more memorable stories of SXSW this year. After running around all of Austin looking for good internet service, I finally found some today in the journalist lounge at the event. I was able to upload a copy of the video that I recorded. There is about one minute missing from the end of the video but the majority of what went on happened prior to the last minute. Watch the video for yourself and let me know if you think this was a good or bad interview.

Viddler has not set the ratio on this video properly and I will be posting an updated version but at least you can watch and listen for now.