Mariah Carey Wants Her Voice Back for Christmas


Do you remember the time when Mariah Carey did that thing with her voice that threatened to permanently damage your dog’s hearing? No one really knew how she did it, but mutt owners everywhere felt the power of her vocal gymnastics.

The ghost of Christmas past just called, and its wants Carey’s ’90s starlet tones back.

If you were around a TV (or the Web went the dang thing went viral), you know that ghost spooked Carey and already stole the thing. During the annual tree lighting ceremony at 30 Rock last night, she was supposed to sing her classic Yuletide tune “All I Want for Christmas Is You“…

What’s that, Lassie? Is Jimmy stuck in a well? Nope — that howling you heard is Mariah Carey at the latest Rockefeller Center Christmas Special.

It was special all right, but not the way the diva or the event organizers had hoped. First this:

Yes, Lawd. You got me feeling “emotions” too.

But wait, there’s more… she was supposed to show up for a pre-taping on Tuesday (according to TMZ because of course), which is one reason this gem went viral a day later. Unfortunately, she pulled a no-show and blamed the world. What was she doing to cause her to show up three hours late? She was on the phone with her divorce lawyer.

Of course she wouldn’t. So, to punish her, NBC decided to air it live … and reminded The Internet that she’s not 19 anymore.

Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas.