Map Your Twitter Followers With TweepsMap

Want to know more about your Twitter followers than just what they tweet? Try TweepsMap, a new service that visualizes your Twitter follower’s geographical data, including their country, state or city.

A significant portion of people fill out their location when filling out their Twitter bio, but it’s often difficult to get a clear picture of where all of your followers are located in a single snapshot. And this is where TweepsMap comes in.

Using publicly available information, TweepsMap combs your Twitter followers for their country, state and/or city, and presents this information to you in a chart, list, or, my personal favorite, interactive map.

TweepsMap is dead simple to use. Simply visit their website, and click the friendly red button in the middle that reads “Analyze and Map My Followers”. If you leave the box just beneath it checked, you’ll tweet the results automatically.

Once clicked, you’ll have to authorize TweepsMap to access your Twitter account (Note: you will have to authorize it every time you visit the site, as it does not store the access token).

Next, you’ll be presented with a beautiful map of your Twitter followers that you can explore to you data-loving heart’s content.

You can group followers by country, like the image below, or get more specific and group them by state or province and city.

TweepsMap also give you the option to tweet some of the more interesting stats they pull, such as:

“54% of my followers are from #UnitedStates,13% from #Canada & 7% from #NewYork.!lauren_dugan. What’s your #TweepsMap ?”

Knowing where your followers are located is more than just information for the idly curious. It is extremely useful to know when you plan your tweet schedule, so you can send out tweets at the optimal times when your audience is active (and awake!).

Check out TweepsMaps for yourself, and let us know how your own Twitter follower analytics shake out in the comments below.