Map of National Twitter Usage: See how your State Compares [Infographic]

Are you in one of the top tweeting states? If you sighed and said “well I’m not in California or New York” and counted yourself out, think again: the top tweeting states compared to the national average will surprise you. Take a look at the map below, and get your state’s Twitter grade now.

Hubspot put together this map, entitled “Twitter Territory 2”, using data from their Twitter Grader tool.

They compared each state’s Twitter usage with that of the national average, and found some pretty surprising results.

The map below gives each state a percentage based on how much higher or lower their tweet rate was compared to the national average. The top three states on the map? Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon. All three states used Twitter more than 60% more than the national average, with leader Massachusetts at 69%.

The map also looks at the Top Gainers – those states that saw the most growth compared to the national average over 2009-2010. The fastest growing state over the past year was Utah, growing 66%.

Take a look at the map below, and see how your state stacks up: