Manually Crawl the Internet With Walk2Web

As the Web has grown, it has becoming increasingly difficult to visualize the pieces that make up the puzzle. Take all of the internal and external links coming to and from RotorBlog, for instance. Trying to picture it as an image gives me a headache. Well cue my aspirin, walk2web. By simply inputting in your domain name, the application creates a visual representation of the connections that exist between your site and other. It’s like a walk down “Internet Lane.”

Sites appear as color-coded nodes (to represent incoming and outgoing links), beginning with the first two levels of a search network.

As you explore the network grows, allowing you to use some simple directional tools to navigate the part of the Internet you are manually crawling.

Review, bookmark and vote for your favorite sites.

There is a community-driven component as well. You can vote for sites you like, tag the ones you hate and leave comments for everything in between.

walk2web’s front page toggles through different Web sites. Be warned, during my brief stay (at work!) many of the sites featured were of the adult variety.

This is not the tool for you if you are looking for something specific. It’s more for the person looking to discover something interesting at their own pace.

A browser plug-in for Firefox and Explorer lets you widgetize the Walk2Web interface and use it on your site or blog.

The tool is fun to use and works fast. I know it’s not the newest app out there but it managed to fly under my radar. And I like it so much that I just had to share.