Management Sims Rise in This Week’s List of Fast-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

Digital Chocolate has finally hit its jackpot on Facebook, bringing in millions of users with its aptly-named Millionaire City, which is the leading app on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users.

Millionaire City now has over half a million users coming daily to its mixture of city-building and Monopoly-style trading and management of real estate — seemingly a more attractive combination to users than the developer’s earlier Nanotowns, which now registers only 2,518 DAU.

Here’s the full AppData list of 20 games:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Millionaire City 530,550 +250,895 +89.72
2. Baking Life 677,665 +177,791 +35.57
3. Kingdoms of Camelot 617,829 +139,654 +29.21
4. Fashion World 422,061 +132,990 +46.01
5. 德州撲克 654,578 +125,747 +23.78
6. FrontierVille 5,390,340 +122,204 +2.32
7. SuperFun Town! 121,359 +106,409 +711.77
8. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 675,605 +92,533 +15.87
9. Happy Pets 1,212,497 +61,150 +5.31
10. Gift Creator 362,410 +55,308 +18.01
11. Casino City 96,065 +50,978 +113.07
12. 時尚人 生 58,791 +48,935 +496.50
13. Zoo Kingdom 118,661 +39,090 +49.13
14. Horse Gaga 72,528 +38,120 +110.79
15. TKO-France 32,267 +32,256 +293,236.36
16. Birdland 98,737 +32,075 +48.12
17. Bejeweled Blitz 2,910,818 +30,236 +1.05
18. Resort World 165,939 +29,821 +21.91
19. Maya Pyramid 66,315 +26,216 +65.38
20. 快樂島 主 142,353 +25,391 +21.71

At number two, Baking Life has done extraordinarily well, considering that it’s ZipZapPlay’s only big hit on Facebook. Again, this may be a combination of good design and fortuitous genre choice; along with city builders, management sims seem to be one of the most popular genres this year, as the nearly equal success of Fashion World attests.

Kingdoms of Camelot has lost many of its monthly active users of late, but the strategy game seems to be doing a great job of retaining DAUs. After Fashion World, the next title is 德州撲 克, which is a Chinese developers’ take on Texas Hold’em.

Note that FrontierVille, although growing, is still hanging around at the five million DAU milestone that Zynga announced, to great fanfare, two weeks ago. The reason behind the seeming lack of progress is that new players streaming into a game appear as daily active users — but if they don’t come back again, those phantom DAUs quickly disappear as the game’s growth slows.

Finally, take note of SuperFun Town!, a new city builder by Iwi that we just reviewed. As it happens, we thought the game was good looking but shallow; but that isn’t keeping it from being a hot date, with a rapid rise to over half a million MAUs and a quarter as many DAU in just a few days.