Man Bites Dog: Digital Publication The Fiscal Times Launches Print Magazine

Digital news, opinion and media publication The Fiscal Times relaunched a newly designed Web site Monday while concurrently launching its first annual print magazine edition.

The magazine features a preview of the 2011 fiscal agenda, including analysis of the economic and political upheaval driving this year’s major policy decisions and reports on the 2011 Congress, the core drivers of federal spending, the new economic growth opportunities, and a special essay on global interdependence from former President Bill Clinton.

TFT launched last March, and its roster of columnists, analysts, and bloggers includes: Bruce Bartlett, economics blogger and former senior policy analyst under President Ronald Reagan; John Berry, former Federal Reserve reporter for The Washington Post; James Cooper, former Business Week columnist; Ann Dowd, former Washington bureau chief for Fortune and Money; Liz Peek, financial columnist for Fox News; Tom Herman, former tax policy writer for The Wall Street Journal; Eric Schurenberg, editor-in-chief of CBS BNET; and Mark Thoma, professor of economics at the University of Oregon.

TFT editor-in-chief Jacqueline Leo said:

We are delighted to introduce our first print magazine. We believe media consumers want content in multiple formats, on multiple platforms, and this mixed-media model meets those expectations. We chose HP’s, a leader in the growing field of print on-demand, to maximize distribution efficiency and eliminate waste.