Making Twitter Part of a Presentation

BusinessPresentation.jpgCliff Atkinson, author of The Backchannel and Beyond Bullet Points, spoke with BusinessWeek about how Twitter should be embraced and incorporated into business presentations. A brief summary follows:

Accept it: Atkinson told BusinessWeek, “This is happening, and it’s not going away,” and added, “If you’re speaking to 100 people, each of whom have 100 ‘followers’ on Twitter, you’re potentially extending the conversation to 10,000 people.”

Show you understand how Twitter works: Atkinson recommended that the title slide for the presentation include its name, the speaker’s name and an event hashtag.

Create Twitter-friendly messages: Stick to the microblogging service’s 140-character limit.

Take breaks: Atkinson suggested putting the speaker’s Twitter feed on-screen during up to three breaks and addressing comments and questions.

Extend the conversation: He also suggested sharing slides and ideas from the presentation on a Website, blog, or presentation-sharing sites such as SlideShare.