MakeFive Brings the Power of a "Top 5" List to Social Networking

Top List posts are very popular in the blogging world. It’s the easiest way to create a viral posts which is sure to have tons of back links, provided that your topics are interesting. MakeFive takes this “Top List” into the social networking world and lets users create their own top 5 lists to start a conversation, interaction and social networking.

MakeFive is an easy to use venue to get you start talking with other members of the site which would later on lead to establishing new connections between you and other members. By creating your own Top 5 lists, you create a simple and yet effective point for discussions and connecting like-minded people.

And you can write a Top 5 lists practically about anything and everything. You can discuss news, stocks, showbiz news and celebrity gossips. For as along as you can come up with a list that would be interesting to others, you are pretty much sure to get reactions – be it violent or favorable ones.

Want to find out what other people’s best movies of all time or best TV shows? Or how about the best logos or best media and marketing blogs? You name it, and chances are they are either already available in MakeFive, or some members may be coming up with a top 5 lists of their own covering the topics that you have in mind.

The MakeFive top 5 lists are categorized into Sports, News and Business, Experiences, Entertainment, Debate and Technology. I wonder why the owners of MakeFive didn’t make the categories into five only? Considerting that the number is very significant into the establishment of MakeFive. Why? The idea for MakeFive came to the owners in May 5, they have 5 staff members, their office is at Room 405, and MakeFive’s initial development process took the developers, well yeah five months.

It may sound creepy, but hey it’s also pretty cool. Hopefully the site would last for more than 5 years or gets axed on May 5.

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