Make Your eReader into a Book-Shaped Object

Do you miss the feel and paper-smell of old-fashioned books, but love the fancy, wireless infinite library that is your eReader? Well, now you can have both, and not by keeping those ugly old books in your home library.

You can buy, for a mere $89, THE BOOK, a case for your Kindle, MacBook, and, soon, iPad, that’s a just like a real hardcover book on the outside, and a protective case for your reading gear on the inside.

Here’s a description from the company’s site: “The BOOK is a hand made hard cover book jacket on the outside, with a sleeve tailored to the iPad on the inside. Protect your digital device safely and then shelve it, carry it, put it in a book-bag, or leave it on the coffee table. BOOK is made with the highest grade of sustainable, durable, and natural materials to insulate your iPad in an enduring style.”

What do you think? Is this worth $89?