Make Movies of Your Website Visitors

clicktaleCreate a “movie” of your Website’s visitors and track their every movement. In essence, that’s what ClickTale, a tool for Webmasters, promises to do.Many Website owners are inundated with page views and unique visitors and a million other metrics, but the reality is, they can’t easily uncover people’s surfing patterns.

Thanks to ClickTale’s videos, you can view every mouse movement, click and scroll that your visitor’s conduct.

All you have to do is choose the percentage of visitors you want to track and install two snippets of Javascript.

There is a basic free plan that gives you 100 recordings each week with up to two domains. Larger packages vary from $19 to $99 a month depending on your needs.

You can probably expect to learn some of the stuff you already know; People don’t scroll, they read right to left and probably won’t click on your banner ads. It is cool to know that there’s someone real out there clicking around. As a pretty hardcore blogger, I often wonder if it’s nothing but a vast sea of search engine robots inflating my numbers.

There might be some privacy policy issues here at play. As for me, I would want to let my visitors know that their movements are being recorded. You know there’s some guy out there who types “KILL, KILL, KILL” into the search engine box and then deletes it. Well buddy, you’re being watched.

You’re probably thinking, I expect more from Web video. Like a lot more skin. Well, the folks at Clicktale have heard you. While the videos are hardly eye candy, you can speed them up by 10x to get to the “meat” as it were. Aside from movements, you’ll also find out what country they are in, how long they stayed, where they came from, and what page they landed on.

Clicktale can also help uncover fundamental design errors and nasty bugs. Each package also comes with the ability to heatmap traffic. There’s an affiliate program too.

You nuke the popcorn, I’ll bring the videos.

Discovered on John Chow.