Make Money From Your Facebook Profile

Lemonade StandWant to make money from your Facebook profile? has just launched their Facebook application and it allows users to sell their favorite things via their Facebook profile. Your “Lemonade Stand” as it’s called, allows you to place a flash application, similar to the one pictured on the left. Visitors to your profile can then browse through the items and purchase it if they are interested. Will this make you rich? Probably not.

I like to consider myself a relatively popular person on Facebook. Even still, my profile doesn’t get that much traffic (perhaps 10-15 visits a day). With that sort of traffic, even if you close 1% of visitors your commission on the sale isn’t going to amount to much. Conversely, getting paid a few bucks each month for spending time on Facebook isn’t bad either. If you’d like to try out making money with your Facebook profile than go grab the lemonade stand application.