Make It Trend Today On Twitter: #RIPJessica

By now you’ve heard about the shooting at the new Batman movie premiere in Colorado. And you’ve probably heard about how many folks tweeted about it right after it happened.

You may have also heard about Jessica. A young woman who has become the face of this tragedy – at least on Twitter.

Her friends and family would like to see #RIPJessica trending in memory of her. Let’s help make that happen.
Jessica Redfield was a blogger who worked as an intern for a local radio station – and who had dreams of becoming a media sportscaster one day.

The Denver Post tells us that Jessica survived a similar shooting just months ago in Toronto. She blogged about it. Here’s an excerpt:

But last night, as fate would have it – she was witness to another gunman opening fire and she was not so lucky.

Here’s her last tweet. An eerie remembrance that has been screenshot and shared online countless times.

Why did the killer do this? Well, it seems his mom wasn’t surprised by his actions and that’s pretty horrible. If you think your child is a murderer, shouldn’t you DO something about that before he kills? Next we’ll be hearing about all of the instances where folks knew something was wrong and did nothing. It’s mind boggling.

But back to Jessica.

Just so you know, Jessica’s real last name was Ghawi, according to this piece quoting Joe Kinsey, editor-in-chief of, a sports web site that Jessica wrote for. She told him she used the last name Redfield in her writing because it was her grandmother’s maiden name.

“She always wanted to be a journalist. Never had the chance,” Jessica wrote (speaking of her grandmother) to Kinsey in a Twitter message last year.

Thoughtful girl. Heartbreaking. And there will be equally heartbreaking stories about each of the victims, which we may learn or not, depending on their families’ desire for privacy during this unimaginably difficult time.

So this isn’t just for Jessica, it’s for all of the victims of the shooting, yet unnamed. If you’re on Twitter, get it trending by tweeting your condolences to the #RIPJessica hashtag and encourage your followers to do so as well.

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