Mafia Wars Returns To Fastest Growing App List

Badoo may be holding on to its top spot on this weekly lsit, but one of Zynga's hit games, Mafia Wars, is chasing close behind.

The weekly growth leaderboard has seen a fair share of changes this week. Badoo may be holding on to its top spot, but one of Zynga’s hit games is chasing close behind. We also have a fair share of other gaming choices and applications that have that have the masses on Facebook hooked. Check out this week’s ranking below, and for more numbers, head over to our application statistics.

This Week’s Application Weekly Growth Leaderboard

Name DAU MAU Weekly Growth
1.Badoo 4,756,312 60,512,715 7,513,170
2. Mafia Wars 2,315,992 16,872,931 4,426,408
3. Daily Horoscope 618,995 9,086,221 2,741,774
4. BandPage by RootMusic 1,123,339 21,587,751 1,982,344
5. Monopoly Millionaires 679,046 4,819,904 1,195,880
6. Question Party 245,686 3,090,094 900,977
7. Vidyo Video 249,231 1,683,311 794,927
8. Monster Galaxy 546,953 7,820,861 652,806
9. Entrevista Social 501,777 9,759,607 584,899
10. Daily Horoscope 1,234,148 3,510,930 565,509

Zynga’s popular game Mafia Wars had a massive week: 4,426,408 new players pushed the app all the way to the second spot on our list. Badoo still maintains its top spot for another week, though. The chatting application’s monthly active user total continues to rise as it is now at 60,512,715.

And the battle for the top horoscope application rages on: Tall Tree Game’s Daily Horoscope takes the lead this week with 2,741,774 people turning to the application for daily predictions. Soft Reklam’s alternative still rests comfortably though with a weekly growth increase of 565,509.

On the music front, some 1,982,344 musicians and music lovers over the past seven days helped BandPage land back on our countdown. 794,927 people added the Turkish video application VidyoTV Video.

The game of choice – aside from Mafia Wars – remains Monopoly Millionaires. This Electronic Arts version of the classic game ended the week with a 1,195,880 user increase. Another game, Monster Galaxy, has bounced back onto our list, with 652,806 gamers this week starting to battle the scary creatures in an attempt to save the world.

We close out this week by looking at the two remaining question applications that are sitting pretty for another week. Question Party asked 900,977 people to reveal truths regarding opinions of their Facebook friends. Popular Spanish option Entrevista Social also nabbed a spot this week; the application witnessed a weekly growth total of 584,899.