MacShane: Location-Based Services Key to Mobile Marketing

Investment bank guru Nick MacShane, founder of Progress Partners, has an opinion piece on MediaPost about the state of mobile marketing. He says something that’s been a recurring theme—the idea of how location-based services can provide new opportunities for advertisers, even as the technology is just short of mainstream acceptance.

“As the effectiveness of traditional mobile banner ads begins to diminish, consistent with current online trends, advertisers are likely to turn to more targeted messages that location-based mobile advertising can provide,” MacShane writes. “Over the next decade, location-relevant marketing is expected to drive the advertising market.”

He said that in using technology to calculate the location of the user, local businesses can reach consumers that are close by and ready to make a purchase. “This will ultimately serve as a more effective and relevant substitute for the traditional methods such as the yellow pages, print and online classifieds, and online local business listings.” As always, the devil is in the details—such as carrier acceptance, technology platform standards, and making SMBs (who could stand the most to benefit from location-based advertising) comfortable with the idea.