Lucky Train and Price is Right Head Up This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

This week’s AppData list of emerging games on Facebook, defined as those still under a million monthly active users, features remarkably few titles that fit into the typical farming, city and virtual space categories associated with social gaming.

See how many you can spot:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Original Lucky Train 880,337 +189,126 +27%
2. App_2_122353571139137_4163 Price Is Right Game (BETA) 484,610 +182,369 +60%
3. Original 開心魚塘 971,098 +135,478 +16%
4. Original Free Flash Games 652,116 +104,118 +19%
5. Original Bubble Town: Party Planet 497,770 +101,917 +26%
6. App_2_120127801359754_7313 Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football 526,025 +98,131 +23%
7. App_2_140505602636868_3646 Juega al Truco 266,426 +95,039 +55%
8. Original Top Eleven Football Manager 275,817 +84,631 +44%
9. Original Party Resort 853,119 +80,538 +10%
10. App_2_212798393542_2183 Woozworld 189,418 +78,707 +71%
11. Original NanoStar Castles 461,834 +75,066 +19%
12. Original Fantasy La Liga 505,821 +68,074 +16%
13. App_2_141568572549589_8214 神來也朋友村 115,701 +64,971 +128%
14. App_2_123903147643151_5363 Social Park 264,614 +62,605 +31%
15. App_2_118583028170267_5631 Lady Popular 334,042 +62,447 +23%
16. Original Gourmet Ranch 408,948 +56,213 +16%
17. App_2_108589655859196_4155 Mahjong Trails 200,889 +54,800 +38%
18. Original Glamble Poker 870,614 +51,421 +6%
19. App_2_105028829550543_8324 TKO Deutschland 170,161 +44,651 +36%
20. Original i Like Slots 126,195 +41,635 +49%

Lucky Train, in the top spot, is one of the closest to a typical Facebook game, featuring a city-building theme with a somewhat unique train-based growth mechanic. The A Bit Lucky game should cross a million MAU by this time next week. Since we reviewed it, a few new features have also gone in, like non-player characters to route trains to (the game required interaction with humans when it started).

Price Is Right Game (BETA), by Ludia, should be an interesting one to watch. A few months ago, Family Feud (by a different developer, iWin) proved that titles based off retro game shows can get millions of users on Facebook. Price is Right is if anything a more hallowed name than Family Feud, so it’s in the realms of possibility that it, too, will take off — although the game hasn’t grown much for the past four days.

Going to number three, 開心魚塘 is a twist on the fish-raising genre, but it’s a Chinese-language game, which sets it apart from the pack. 神來也朋友村, at number 13, is also Chinese-language; it appears to place players in an interactive town.

Free Flash Games, at number four, is pretty much what it sounds like — a Flash games portal. Bubble Town: Party Planet, an arcade game by I-play, is more interesting. It’s most reminiscent of Wooga’s Bubble Island, a bubble-popping game with a level system based on different islands, which reached a peak of six million MAU.

Take a look over the rest of the list for more interesting finds, like the fantasy football games, Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football and Top Eleven Football Manager, and NanoStar Castles, the card-based RPG that Digital Chocolate recently began promoting; the game went more or less empty for almost four months until the company finished fixing technical flaws, and starting advertising for players.