LPGA Twitter Tiff

Remember we told you the LPGA started promoting players’ Twitter handles on caddies’ bibs? Well, they may be regretting that now as two of its players are having a public spat on Twitter. Kind of.

The Twitter fight, such as it is, is admittedly minor compared to most celebrity and sports figure flare ups. Neither is tagging the other’s Twitter handle and addressing the other directly, so it’s a very passive-aggressive tweet battle:

But it’s worth noting because it’s not really about what the pro golfers say to each other, it’s about the fans – and the LPGA has 1.2 million of them on Twitter (from combined player and tournament accounts). And like any fans, some can get pretty nasty:

As this piece by Jay Busbee on Yahoo Sports ponders, is it worth taking this fight to Twitter?

For the moment, Kerr is winning the battle where it counts: she’s at +1, tied for seventh, while Gustafson holds down dead last inside the cut line at +17.

So what do you think? Legitimate gripe from Gustafson or sour grapes? And if you’re interested, you can find other LPGA players on  here on Listorious.

(Women in conflict image from Shutterstock)

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