Love to Read on Mobile? Check Out Medium’s New iPhone App

screen568x568Medium’s blogging platform is as fun as it is beautiful, and the new Medium app shows off the great stories just as well as its web counterpart. The only difference is that the app is just for reading – all of the writing is done on Medium’s website. Still, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

Medium’s founder, Evan Williams has a crucial role as Co-founder of Twitter, and has remained loyal to the micro-blogging platform. To get started on the app, you’ll need a Twitter account – this is problematic, and should be changed, asap.

Once you’ve gained access to the app, you’ll be able to follow Medium’s great story collections like For the Love of Food, What I learned Today, Failure Inc, and even the Editor’s Pick. When you open the app, you’ll get a reading list like the one you’ve always seen online – just read and rate the stories and Medium will recommend some stories based on your preferences, your friends can recommend some based on what they’ve read, and you can do the same by sharing your favorites.

Medium said there’s no timeline for the app’s writing feature, but we hope it’s coming soon.

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