Louis CK’s $5 Video Transforms His Reputation

Louis CK has been the talk of the town for the past week or so. The comedian used his own money to produce a special, “Louis CK: Live from the Beacon Theater” in the hopes of finally making some money off the sales of his stand-up routines. He announced last night on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he’s had $1 million in sales.

First, the move makes him look like some kind of Internet genius. With no muss, no fuss, he simply posted the routine online, asked fans nicely not to steal it, and BAM! Success.

Second, he announced that he’s only keeping $220,000, with the rest going to charity. So even though the man can talk ad nauseam about farts, he’s also a generous soul.

Third, he’s made his name as a “working-class loser” but now we know he has cash. Rather than stick with the tried and true, which would no longer be true, he’s evolved in this stand-up routine in order to stay relevant. The New York Times charts the many changes to his comedy over recent years.

So Louis CK shows that great results can come from keeping things simple, giving back, and being honest. Nice.