Louis C.K. Thinks Twitter Is Awful – But He’ll Use It To Tell You To Give Him Money [VIDEO]

You’ve got to love Louis C.K., if not for anything else than for his honesty. When he made an appearance on Conan last week, he was asked about his Twitter account. And instead of going on the usual celebrity ramble about how it bring him closer to his fans, he told it like he sees it: Twitter is awful. But it’s good for telling people to give him money.

Louis C.K. (@louisck) has been tweeting for some time (well over a year), but he doesn’t like it.

He thinks Twitter is “awful”, and he “kinda hates it.” Still, he acknowledges that he does find it useful for at least one thing: “I have Twitter just so I can tell people what I want them to buy, and give me money.”

And it’s true. If you look at his Twitter feed, it’s mostly announcements of his upcoming shows, DVDs and other things. Still, I think he’s being a bit unnecessarily angst-y towards Twitter – he doe send out his fair share of @mentions.

He also comments on his lack of followers:

“People get mad at me because I don’t follow anybody… they say ‘you’re an arrogant prick’, but why do they care? It’s like a piece of cake going ‘come on man, I’m right here. Why aren’t you eating me?'”

He goes on to say that just because something is available to do, doesn’t mean you should necessarily do it. But he does. But that’s OK, because he hates the fact that he does.

You can watch the 2 minute Conan clip below: