Looks Like That Amazon Prime Day Sale Is Backfiring

Could Walmart be the PR winner from Amazon's big day?

They wanted it to be like Black Friday in July, but Amazon’s Prime Day is turning into a bit of a problem with customers complaining that the discounts are lame. Compared to a garage sale and highlighted by sales on things like knee braces and granny panties, this isn’t quite what shoppers had in mind.

The deals started rolling out at midnight and as often as every 10 minutes, new items are being added to the discount list.

“Amazon spokesperson Julie Law said before the sale launched that while there would be discounts on popular electronics, the sale would also focus on everyday and home items, such as cleaning products and dry goods, that aren’t as big during the holiday season,” writes USA Today.

So let’s keep it 100 here: When any retailer advertises an upcoming sale, they shine the spotlight on the hottest items and the best deals. Shoehorns and blenders aren’t usually thrust atop the list of items included in the sale’s message points. It could be a case of Amazon putting its best foot forward with the electronics stuff and then, when the sale actually starts, the true focus on those “everyday and home items” comes into sharper relief. That’s where the finesse of PR-managing people’s expectations-comes into play.

It also doesn’t help that people are finding that many items sold out quickly. While shoppers expect that on Black Friday (that’s why the lines are long for those doorbuster deals), many shoppers clearly didn’t expect that today. They figured they could show up at Amazon’s digital door at any point and the sale would be on like microwave popcorn.

“The early deals had some customers questioning whether their Prime membership was worth the $99 price tag, and others saying they’d be shopping with rival Walmart instead,” USA Today added.

On Monday, Walmart announced that it would be having a competing sale, one that was open to everyone and not just certain people, an obvious dig at Prime Day. If things go Walmart’s way, they could end up actually being the winner in Amazon’s Prime Day extravaganza.