Lonely Planet To Go Mobile

lonelyplanet.jpgMocoNews just posted an interview with Bob Hitching, the program director for digital and wireless innovation at Lonely Planet.

There’s all sorts of good stuff coming down the pike, including location-based services that work with GPS phones, and going to a new city and then reading reviews of restaurants right from your phone, just to name a few.

The one catch? Roaming charges. MocoNews argues that they’re a pretty hefty barrier, too, since you’ll be using the services in countries other than the one you live in: “no-one’s going to use a data-rich mobile service while roaming, not after the first bill, anyway.”

Hopefully Lonely Planet will figure that piece of the puzzle out before they launch.

MocoInterview: Bob Hitching On Lonely Planet’s Mobile Plans [MocoNews]