London Police To Arrest Rioters Who Posted TwitPics Of Their Stolen Loot

We’ve seen our fair share of stupid Twitter moves here at AllTwitter, but this one is among the best of the worst. London rioters who stole goods from local businesses actually took to Twitter to boast about their newly acquired loot – and London police aren’t wasting any time rooting them out and slapping them with handcuffs.

In a move that defies logic, many of those who had looted businesses during the riots in London this week posted pictures of the stolen goods on Twitter. And some even included a grinning headshot of themselves in the mix.

As part of their investigation into the looting, London police are going to be scouring Twitter and other social networks. PCR reports that Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh told reporters that:

“Social media and other methods have been used to organise these levels of greed and criminality… That investigation is already under way and that is exactly the sort of thing we are looking at.”

PCR also noted that there was even one picture of a looter (with his grinning face in clear view) posing behind a table full of video games, DVDs and other electronics.

This photo was posted to Twitpic, which may be attached to the Twitter account of either the looter himself or someone who knows him.

Leads like this are no doubt all over Twitter, as people turn to their “microblog” to brag about their exploits in robbing local businesses of their goods. There are no doubt plenty of other Twitter users who have implicated themselves already with a tweet or a photo, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing about the first spate of Twitter arrests in the days to come – after all, Twitter saw its highest traffic day ever in response to the riots.

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