Localytics finds user retention numbers up on iOS, Android


Mobile apps analytics company Localytics has released the results of its latest study, measuring download and user retention rates across iOS and Android applications. The annual study follows app downloads from new users in Q3 of each year, and then tracks how many times those apps are launched on the same devices through March 15 of the following year.

User retention accounts for some of the biggest changes in data, as 34 percent of people use an app 11 of more times after downloading it. That figure is up 10 percent year over year. However, 22 percent of people continue to download and only use an app a single time, which is in line with the figures from last year.

According to the study, Android users are becoming increasingly loyal, catching up with iOS levels of user retention. Previously, only 23 percent of users returned to the same app 11 of more times, but now, that number is on par with iOS users, as 34 percent of users use apps 11 or more times after first installing them.

Localytics attributes this Android growth to the Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy series and new HTC models of Android devices, which feature a more app-friendly experience for users. In addition, with Android’s continually strong market share, many developers have increased investment in Android development, simply giving users more options on their Android device(s) of choice.

While Android may be experiencing larger growth in user retention, a recent report by Kantar Worldpanel actually saw iOS gaining on Android, with sales increasing by 3.5 percent in the period of March to May 2013. Android device sales stayed relatively stable during the same period.

Localytics launched in 2009, in part to help app developers track how (and how often) their apps are used. The company secured $5.5 million in Series B funding last year, bringing its total raised to $8.75 million. Developers interested in learning more about Localytics are encouraged to visit the company’s website.