Live Blogging the Circus Conference; From Print to Digital


First up on day 1 of the first ever conference are presentations from multimedia publishers in the theme of “From Print to Digital”.

Serial Editor-in-Chief James Daly. Daly founded Business 2.0 in 1997, and sold it in 2001 to AOL Time Warner. Daly is talking about his own “big tent of ideas” at Edutopia, a print and digital publishing entity funded by the George Lucas Foundation

To paraphrase: education–as well as publishing is a two-way conversation. In Daly’s Powerpoint: “Community-building not a gimmick but a way to build audience involvement. We use a content management system called Droople. It’s an open-source model.

The gist seems to be about building a publishing model to push content to educators, and pull back in user-generated content (in this case curriculum ideas) on the Edutopia platform. To answer the PR question: Can you pitch it? Yes, read the bylines and check out the masthead here.