LIVE: Big Announcement From Zynga

We liveblogged a conference call with Zynga, which announced an acquisition this morning.

[9:15 am PT] We’re live on a conference call with Zynga, which is apparently making a big announcement this morning. [9:34 PT] There’s still hold music blasting on the line as we wait from what we’d assume would be Zynga Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus to come on the line.

[9:37 am PT] Actually, Pincus isn’t on the call, but rather Zynga’s mobile team. They say about 10 million users per month access the games on mobile. This morning’s announcement: Acquisition of NewToy, which has 2 million users.

[9:40 am PT] Paul Vetner, vice president and general manager of the newly rechristened Zynga With Friends Studio, gets on the call. Up until the deal was announced, he was CEO of NewToy.

[9:43 am PT] The question and answer portion of the announcement begins — that’s pretty quick, suggesting the companies really aren’t going to reveal much new information.

[9:45 am PT] Indeed, we’re not hearing enough thoroughness in the answers given. The transaction value was not disclosed. However, they tell Ari Levy of Bloomberg that NewToy has 23 employees.

[9:48 am PT] Time magazine asks about Facebook implications of the transaction. Nothing new here. This seems deliberately vague.

[9:56 am PT] Every time someone on the call asks about dollars and cents, NewToy dodges the question.

[9:57 am PT] God bless the AdAge reporter for her tenacity: she wants to know whether NewToy has ever made any money on its own. By now, I’m not surprised when I hear the executives tell her they’ll discuss revenues with her one-on-one.

[9:58 am PT] And the call is over, with important questions remaining unanswered, and others unasked.

[10:26 am PT] I’d like to know whether — and how — this deal might help Zynga’s Farmville return to the number one spot in the rankings of applications on Facebook.

[1:51 pm PT] I still haven’t received the copy of the audio from the call, which I’d planned to post here.

Readers, what questions would you like to ask the newly merged company? Do you have any ideas about the answers might be, either to your own queries or those posed by reporters and dodged by the executives on the call this morning?