Little White Bear Studios Launches Puzzle Blitz on iOS

Little White Bear Studios has released its newest title on iOS devices, a frantic puzzle game called Puzzle Blitz. The shape completion game gives players three minutes to complete as many of the 450+ puzzles as possible before time runs out, with each completed puzzle adding more time to the clock.

In Puzzle Blitz, players are presented with white outlines, and must fill these in with colorful blocks of various shapes and sizes. Pieces must be placed in just the right orientation within the white space for everything to fit, and players receive a boost of time on the clock when they complete the current shape. The white areas become larger, and the puzzles more complex over time, increasing the challenge.

Once players run out of time, they can compare their scores with other players via Game Center integration. During the next game, a different set of puzzles is presented to gamers, so the gameplay is about actual puzzle-solving skills, rather than bulk memorization.

Puzzle Blitz is available to download for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store.