Liquid Mountaineers Walk On Water In New Hi-Tec Viral Video Campaign

Hi-Tec Liquid MountaineeringA new viral video from Hi-Tec Sports has a lot of viewers scratching their heads and raising their eyebrows, asking, “Could it really be possible to walk on water?” The new viral from Hi-Tec is a documentary-style clip introducing a new sport called Liquid Mountaineering, in which athletes take a running start and run on top of water. Jesus would love this sport.

The great thing about ‘Walk On Water’ is that it is shot like a documentary and not like an advertisement. The name of the shoes isn’t even mentioned in the clip. The liquid mountaineers briefly mention that they came across some shoes “by mistake” that are totally water repellent. We see a quick money shot of water being poured on a pair of water repellent Hi-Tec shoes and go right back to the running on water. It’s just enough to get the brand name out there without being obvious about the promotional aspects of the video.

The video, which was posted to YouTube at the end of April, already has over 1 million views. Check out the comments and you’ll find tons of YouTubers arguing about whether or not liquid mountaineering is a real sport. Surprisingly, many people think the sport and the video is real! After all, if stones can skip on water why can’t we?

Hi-Tec has made their campaign even more realistic with a Blogspot blog. The blog is not tied to Hi-Tec in any way. Rather it is written by the guys that invented liquid mountaineering and are featured in the video. Like in the video, Hi-Tec shoes are not mentioned on the blog. However, they are featured in pictures.

Whether or not you believe that liquid mountaineering is a real sport or that people could actually walk on water, you have to admit that this is an amazing viral campaign. I know it makes me want to go right out, get a pair of Hi-Tec shoes and go for a jog on the lake. What do you think of Hi-Tec’s Liquid Mountaineering campaign?