LinkedIn Tweaks Company Follow Feature

Professional network LinkedIn updated its Company Follow feature, adding more customization, updating its appearance, making connections more clear, and adding a new Careers Tab for professionals and companies.

Director of product management Ryan Roslansky went into more detail on the LinkedIn Blog:

Since we launched Company Follow in April, we’ve had over 30 million professionals now following over 1 million companies either as job seekers, employees, partners and suppliers, or just followers.

The first thing you see with the latest version is a newly redesigned look and feel of the page itself. In addition, companies’ new updated pages keep members in the loop with customization of relevant updates from the company, whether it be blog posts, jobs, company news, or corporate Twitter feeds.

The second biggest change you’ll notice is the personalized, insightful view of the company that now makes it easier than ever for you to see your first- and second-degree connections while researching the company, as well as more information on the daily activity of that company on LinkedIn.

It provides a very unique perspective on how the company has evolved on LinkedIn over time, the representative profiles of employees at the company, and the composition of the company’s employee base. This information can come in very handy for professionals ranging from job seekers to those in business development.

And finally, the biggest addition to this new iteration will benefit the numerous job seekers out in this economy. We now enhance their user experience further with the launch of the Careers Tab.

Now, when you visit a company profile page, you will be able to understand the range of professional opportunities offered to you at the company, tailored to your profile. As you explore companies of interest, you will be able to understand and reflect upon the company’s hiring practices, hear employees at the company talk about their experience, and learn more about the profiles of other employees at the company — in terms of composition of the work force, by department, average tenure of employees at the company, and the like. The “Careers Tab” improves your interaction further by helping you connect with recruiters at the company directly.

We are also providing companies with tools to make it easier than ever for them to connect with prospective job seekers. Companies can leverage the new functionality to help job seekers understand their hiring practices, showcase employee profiles, and more.