LinkedIn Still Doesn't Get It

Last month I discussed Facebook’s killer feature that would potentially be the death of LinkedIn. While I still believe that this feature will keep me from using the site, it’s not the case for the majority according to Alexa. While Alexa is notorious for being wildly incorrect, it does appear that LinkedIn continues to grow according to’s statistics. According to Saul Hansell of the New York Times, Linked in may even be preparing for an IPO.

While they may be preparing to file, they are still making less than Facebook, a company that doesn’t even have a significant revenue model yet. Also, apparently the CEO of LinkedIn (Dan Nye) doesn’t think that LinkedIn is a social network. Is he serious? So what is LinkedIn then? Simply a badge of all of my professional contacts that I have? As long as LinkedIn doesn’t view itself as a social network, the longer that I think Facebook is going to conquer LinkedIn’s territory. LinkedIn has a lack of features and their restrictions on communication have always turned me away.

The one nice feature is that the site tells you how you are connected to another individual. That could easily be completed by Facebook and this feature will have to be completed if they want to most accurately map the social graph. So what does LinkedIn have that Facebook doesn’t? An older and more wealthy demographic. Just because it’s more difficult to shift LinkedIn users over to Facebook, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I already know that most of my LinkedIn contacts have. Do you think there is anything that will save LinkedIn from an invitable death? Do you think LinkedIn isn’t going anywhere?