LinkedIn Is 15 Years Old Today

The professional network examined how things have changed since 2003

LinkedIn debuted 15 years ago today GMVozd/iStock
Headshot of David Cohen

LinkedIn is celebrating its 15th birthday Thursday, and it shared data on how industries and job titles have evolved since its debut.

Co-founder and vice president of product strategy Allen Blue said in a blog post, “15 years ago, we launched LinkedIn in Reid Hoffman’s living room with the tagline, ‘Relationships matter.’ I’m proud to say that this mantra still rings true today in both the halls of LinkedIn and on the platform. While the world of work has evolved immensely—be it the tools and products we use, the ways we communicate and even the jobs themselves—our need to connect with one another to be productive in our careers remains at the core of all we do.”

The professional network provided the following data and the infographic below:

Top 10 job industries, global, in 2003:

  1. Information technology and services
  2. Hospital and healthcare
  3. Financial services
  4. Construction
  5. Higher education
  6. Retail
  7. Government administration
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Banking
  10. Education management

Top 10 job industries, global, in 2018:

  1. Information technology and services
  2. Hospital and healthcare
  3. Higher education
  4. Financial services
  5. Construction
  6. Retail
  7. Education management
  8. Marketing and advertising
  9. Banking
  10. Computer software

10 fastest-growing job titles over the past 15 years:

  1. Salesperson
  2. Administrative assistant
  3. Consultant
  4. Project manager
  5. Supervisor
  6. CEO
  7. Technician
  8. Sales manager
  9. Software engineer
  10. Engineer

10 fastest-growing industries over the past 15 years:

  1. Internet
  2. Computer games
  3. Outsourcing/offshoring
  4. Online media
  5. Staffing and recruiting
  6. Renewables and environment
  7. E-learning
  8. Program development
  9. Health, wellness and fitness
  10. Event services David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.